Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why no new books have been reviewed

I know that some are wondering why no new reviews have been posted. The biggest reason is that on August 17, 2009, my Eternal Companion died of sudden cardiac arrest. It was quick and not part of my plan. However, I do know that he had finished his mission in this life, and is helping to prepare for the Savior's second coming. Needless to say that I haven't been ready much, except for his journals.
I thank all who have sent emails, cards, letters, thoughts, and prayers my way. Everything and everyone has been so thoughtful. My girls and I are doing ok, even though it is hard on them and me to go along without Randy, but with the support of all our friends and family, we will make it. We know that we will be with him again, and that Christ is there for us.
Hopefully it will be soon when there will be a new review up.
Right now I'm reading "Guide Me To Eternity." A book that I first read to Randy, several years ago, while we were traveling somewhere. I never realized that I would be in a similar position as the author of this terrific book.